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  • How long and how much does an ARMOCROMY session last?
    A Classical HARMOCROMY session at my studio costs € 140.00. The session lasts about an hour and a quarter and includes: - Identification of the seasonal palette with the 4 seasons x12 subgroups method; - A paper brochure with the palette identified; - A digital palette; - Charges and taxes. The ARMOCROMIA Classica session can also be carried out in pairs during the same appointment lasting about 3 hours and a quarter and costs € 260.00 instead of € 280.00. The PREMIUM ARMOCROMY session at my studio costs € 190.00 and lasts up to three hours (with a 15-minute break). In addition to the CLASSIC HARMOCHROMY, it includes: - An in-depth choice between 1) make-up and hair or 2) clothing. - A seasonal frame with indications regarding make-up and hair in terms of specific products OR a form to fill in to start carrying out the WARDROBE ANALYSIS. If you want to do both insights, after the third hour the rate is € 60.00 per hour (to be agreed in advance). The ARMOCROMIA SPOSA session at my studio costs € 190.00 and, in addition to the Classic HARMOCHROMY, includes a focus on whites and on the most suitable make-up colors for the wedding.
  • How long and how much does a SHAPE ANALYSIS session last?
    A FACE SHAPE ANALYSIS session at one of my studios lasts about an hour and a quarter and costs € 120.00. Includes: - The identification of the Facial Shape; - Empirical evidence of different types of glasses and earrings and related explanations; - The creation of a PERSONAL FORM with indications in terms of: shapes of earrings and glasses, hairstyles, haircuts that is sent to the client within 3 weeks of the session. A BODY SHAPE ANALYSIS session lasts about two and a quarter hours and costs € 140.00. Includes: - Taking measurements of all parts of the body (also very useful for online and vintage purchases); - The identification of the proportions and the Body Shape and related implications regarding the most valuing types of accessories and clothing; - The formation of a PERSONAL CARD with the explanations received during the session in terms of clothing and accessories to optically harmonize the figure and make the wardrobe FUNCTIONAL. This form will be sent within 3 weeks of the session.
  • In which cities do you carry out the IMAGE CONSULTING? (ARMOCROMY, SHAPES, ETC ....) "
    Basically I work in Bologna and Venice, but I am available for travel throughout Italy except for fees and travel expenses to be agreed in advance.
  • How do you book and buy a session?
    To book a session, write to the e-mail address: or in the chat on the website Within two days (on average) a shortlist of availability is given for the following weeks based on the type of service and the duration of the service requested. Once the moment has been chosen, it is necessary to PROCEED WITH THE PAYMENT THROUGH BANK TRANSFER to the IBAN that is provided in the communication. Once the payment has been received, the CONFIRMATION of the day and date of the session will be given. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a 90-day session voucher within which the appointment must be fixed and carried out, under penalty of forfeiture of the voucher and loss of the amount.
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